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And now for the themesongs...

Christopher Farraday

Skye Tarantino

Tristan Hainsworth

Luca Bella Eustacia Mondrokolis

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07 August 2006 @ 10:41 am
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28 July 2006 @ 09:05 am
Yes, for all who are wondering -- I am a psychotic bitch on wheels and don't know when to say no.  So what.  On with the profiles:

Name: Aidan Tam
Age: Eighteen
Personality: Charismatic. Off-beat. Witty. Indiscriminate. Versatile.
Likes: Aviator glasses, Depeche Mode, pop rocks, Thai food, vinyl records, Pink Floyd, eyeliner (on occasion), sleeping in, Boondock Saints, Mae, screen tees, Converse, Quentin Tarantino, sketching, Cheez-its, Family Guy, pop culture references, quirky '80s fantasy flicks, and Dasani.
Dislikes: Hollister, whiny James Blunt clones, brussel sprouts, Starbucks, exercise, sunburn, excessive hair product, video games, Jimmy Fallon, cover bands, infomercials, lending out his CDs, dirty laundry, being in one place for too long, inspirational true story movies, sex depravation, missing Twilight Zone marathons, and Spam.
Crush: Landry Palahniuk. They go way back. And way down. Frequently into each other's pants.
Taken by: The Fifth Element
Played by: Brandon Flowers

Name: Cadence Wainwright
Age: Seventeen
Personality: Acquiescent. Nonpareil. Winsome. Incisive. Forthcoming.
Likes: H&M, Butterfly Boucher, pretzels, silver jewelry, Stand By Me, journaling, Holly Brook, chocolate, walking on the beach, a good pair of jeans, Jack's Mannequin, record stores, pull-over hoodies, Imogen Heap, Garden State, photography, cereal, Regina Spektor, popsicles, and her cat, Max.
Dislikes: Movie critics, shopping, poor grammar, animal haters, Tofu, family vacations, Hip-Hop, skanky clothing, blisters, hypocrites, Arcade Fire, The Wedding Date, college applications, hang nails, cleaning out litterboxes, bacon fat, fast food, spiders, people who pretend to be deep when they're not, misplacing her favorite pair of jeans, beer, and moving.
Crush: Vincent Theroux. He hails from the land of The Pretty and therefore demands admiration with majestic heavenly force.
Taken by: The Fifth Element
Played by: Alona Tal

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30 June 2006 @ 08:16 pm

Taken By: The Fifth Element
Name: Ethan Reznick
Age: 29
Position: Teacher | Photography; Film/Video Club Coordinator; Junior Homeroom
Theme Song:
Ride - Cary Brothers
History: Beaches, basement parties, water ice and Bon Jovi -- the staples of a Jersey native. Ethan Jeremiah Reznick was born to two loving and very Jewish parents one sunny fall afternoon in the late seventies. Four siblings later and, after surviving a rather awkward but character-building childhood -- believe it or not, bullies actually gravitate toward wimpy film nerds -- Ethan found himself on the doorstep of his destiny. Among all the teasing and berating (if you're Jewish and don't want to be something "substantial" like a doctor or a psychologist, you tend to get a hard time from the folks), he discovered that he not only liked to watch movies -- he was very interested in how they were made, whether that involved photography or camera work or even writing, and maybe one day, making some of his own. Ethan decided to put his plan into action and, during the fall of his senior year, applied to NYU, while making a small short film on the side as his essay. He got accepted, of course, and left his beloved Garden State roots for the big city. He received his BA in Film & Television with a minor in Screenwriting, and following, attended both the International Film Institute of New York and AFI for his graduate program. He ended up in Boston by fluke; his favorite teacher moved to Boston Film School and, at his personal request, Ethan joined him. He finished his course work but stayed on as a TA and discovered that he really liked teaching. Subsequently, Ethan's teacher gave him a glowing review and referral for the staff at Weston High, and there he has been for the past three years. Amidst all the academia and achievement of cinematic prowess, Ethan found time for love; after dating here and there, he even married his film school sweetheart, Cara Fitzgibbon, and lived with her in Boston. Alas, it wasn't meant to be -- Cara found out that she married too young three years too late and left Ethan with a broken heart and a rather roomy apartment. Though it's been a little over a year since the divorce became final, he's still in the process of recovery.
Personality: Laid-back; great sense of humor; relatable; fun to be around -- all key words and phrases that encompass the psyche of Mr. Ethan Reznick. If there was ever a big kid trapped in a somewhat-grown-up-human-being's body, he would be your guy. He's around if you ever just need someone to talk to, or someone to laugh with (or at, as the case tends to be with him), or even someone who you'll always know still actually watches his favorite cartoons faithfully. Ethan also knows when it's time to be serious; he's great with the jokes, but he won't be an ignorant ass about it. Granted, he is male, so it was inevitable that he'd make some statement that would rub his girlfriend at the time the wrong way. Good thing is, while Ethan may be great at unintentionally screwing things up, he's even better at apologizing for it. There are some things, though, that are contradictory to his nature and pop up from time to time. Since he happens to be approaching his thirty-year life crisis, he's preparing for the worst. The nearer it draws, he can't seem to see himself relying too keenly on his ability to let the rough things in life just slide off his back, especially given his inate fear regarding all signs of aging like most of his species. But don't worry -- there will be no purchasing of any type of heavy machinery or sporty automobiles to overcompensate any time in the near future. He'd plug away at it, just like he did with everything else. You wouldn't find him spouting nonsense like, "When life gets you down, just go make lemonade" or however the saying goes -- but he's not one whose spirits are easily dampened. A sad aspect of Ethan's nature is that he happens to be quite the romantic; he continually wears his heart on his sleeve and, as his history indicates, he tends to pay for it in a major way. Lucky for him and his sanity, bouncing back is another trait he's on his way to mastering.
Editorial: Ah those kids and their games...really, Ethan doesn't like to judge. He won't try to make someone feel bad for their actions just because he happens to disapprove. And plus, shock of all shocks, he was a teenager once himself, doing stupid shit, getting in trouble, and loving every minute of it. All in all, hypocrisy isn't a very attractive trait. He does, however, know what to do in a situation, should it happen to occur, where a member of the aforementioned game party might accost him for whatever reason -- just smile, nod, then walk away.
Crush: Once Ethan finds out what it means to have some semblance of a social life again, he just might take the time to date around. But all previous long-term relationships taken into account, it would probably be a little while before he actually felt comfortable taking any action in the dating field. Attraction-wise, Michelle DeVoss was definitely cute, though nothing would come of it.
Zach Braff


Taken By: The Fifth Element
Name: Danica Hollander
Age: 26
Position: Teacher | French (Beg/Int/Adv); Art; French, Art, & Dance Club Coordinator; Senior Homeroom
Theme Song:
Teardrop - Massive Attack
History: Born to Jakob and Mireille Hollander, he being an American-Dutch-German architect and she being a French painter and artist, Danica Noelle Hollander was raised for the earliest years of her life on the countryside just shy of Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine (a province between France and Germany). Because of his trade, her father commuted between the city and home to provide for his wife and three children, Danica being the youngest with an older brother and sister, Luke and Renee. Her strongest aspirations developed at a young age, and she took to both dance, notably ballet, and painting, however elementary at first and, of course, to her mother's uninvasive delight. In the Hollander household, education came first, and Danica received the best her parents could offer her, which came in the form of a solid homeschooling, to which she then applied to earning her BFA from both Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art in Brittany, France, and Parsons Paris School of Design by the summer of her eighteenth birthday. Having kept up her talent and knack for dancing, Danica joined the Paris Opera Ballet and remained there for almost three years, later as a principal. Thanks to her tall, lean build, she experimented with modelling in brief spurts, what with living in the heart of one of the fashion capitals of the world and all, but quickly decided it wasn't for her and stuck with dance. After receiving a call for another principal dancer position at Boston Ballet, and also best wishes from her family, she moved to the US. Danica remained with the company for the next few years until she figured out she'd rather take some time off from being in the spotlight and switch to teaching. The ballet kindly referred her to Weston High once the positions opened up, and, after a good year under her belt, she happens to be settling in quite nicely.
Personality: There isn't really one word that could be used to describe what kind of person Danica Hollander is -- and truth be told, she wouldn't want there to be. She actually happens to ascribe to the belief that being multidimensional is one of the best character traits a person can have. Lack of versatility leads to familiarity, which can then lead to boredom, which can lead to a feeling of hollowness, which is also associated with the word "hollow", which happens to be the first part of the film name "Hollow Man", which stars Kevin Bacon! The six degrees of Kevin Bacon! I know, you didn't even know I was going there! Honestly though, Danica would want to be seen as someone who fits into multiple molds because of her multiple interests; she enjoys walks on the beach and painting a landscape just as much as having a little too much to drink on Hump Day with her friends or co-workers. Though increasingly French, she is without what some would call the atypical snottiness or insolence -- actually, she likes a good French joke. If you can't laugh at yourself, why should you get to laugh at anyone else? Besides no one would know she was half French unless she told them or started rattling off in the language; she lost her accent ages ago.
Editorial: Women tend to have a keen intuition when it comes to certain things; they know what's going on without having to be told. Danica is one of those women. She's not stupid, she has eyes. And it's not like the local teenage population try to hide the fact that they bonk each other left and right then move on to the next warm body without a care in the world like it's their job. Thankfully, as far as she's concerned, she has faculty immunity. Or at least she hopes she does. She's not the type to lecture or force her input where it's not wanted, but if she's asked what she truthfully thinks of the whole "game", she won't sugarcoat. If the players are so brazenly obvious about their participation, what's to stop her from being just as brazen about her opinions?
Crush: What? In this school? It's bad enough trying to find a decent guy to date who is under the age of twenty-five. She's not dead, though; Bryce Cunningham is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but she doesn't do the dating-in-the-work-place thing. Professionalism is paramount. In reality, she doesn't have time for dating -- teaching takes up a lot of it, and her hobbies take up the rest. Being single has its rewards too -- she's got her art, a great view of the city from her loft, and her two cats, Stella and Pumpkin (both breeds of tabby -- Stella's multicolored mostly brown, gray and black with white paws; Pumpkin's still close to a kitten, and she's lightly striped orange and white, kinda like a creamsicle...don't ask me why I explained all that just now...must be my pet lover coming out and rearing its furry head). Not too much to complain about.
Charlize Theron

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27 June 2006 @ 12:08 pm

Alrighty then, got all the relationship goodies done.  Figured I'd post them here in case they needed to be viewed:

Players - The Targets

[Nolan McAllister]: One wouldn't think it by looking at him, or being around him, or even talking to him, but our friend Nolan happens to be a one-woman guy -- well, in the sense that every girl he's with thinks they're the only one. That counts right? Eh maybe not, but who ever said these things had to be logical. The current list he happened to be amassing was compiled with utmost care and consideration; in the case of bedding and heartbreaking, one has to take precautions, you see. And who should be the lucky victims chosen for his next round of shameless entertainment? Well first you'd have to knock out the easy targets versus the challenging ones. Easy targets would include such characters as Diana Morgan and Frankie Federico -- nothing to be ashamed of. After all, there is something to be said for a reliable piece of ass. There was actually a whole other category altogether -- the not-so-challenging ones, but still not to be confused with the easy ones. Females like Catalina Gutierre would be among those counted and remained as such because, well, frankly he'd never taken the opportunity to capitalize on her crush in particular. But hell yeah, he knew about it. Then there were the actually challenging targets -- the ones that really got under his skin, because in actuality he doesn't want them, but the sheer fact that they probably don't want him either drives him up a fucking wall, and he hasn't figured out how to deal with it. So he's chosen them to be his prospects, his potential success stories. Something to make his senior year go a little faster. Natalie Giordano is at the top of that list, for the most part. Her total dedication to religious practices and complete abhorrence for the tasteless behavior from the game participants alone would warrant some kind of intrigue from him, her polar opposite in every way possible. He knew he didn't stand a chance -- she probably had infantry and cavalry surrounding the 20-foot-thick outer wall that guarded the keep to her locked virginity, but she wouldn't be a challenge if she didn't. Something had to be said for Eliza Echolls hotness, but his ability to generate the necessary amount of effort to find out if the packaging was worth it hadn't yet registered in his brain. There were also those who he knows do not like him and yet he knows he could have them if he really wanted to try hard enough, Tanner West and Fiona Cooper-Davenport being among them. A bit young on Fiona's part, but at least not a freshman. He wanted to keep his options open on all playing fields, but everyone needs goals.

[Celinda Garrett]: A lot of guys could try and occasion enough brain power to form their own typical opinions about what kind of person Celinda was behind closed doors, but chances are all they'd be left with would be some confusing unanswered questions and a hard on the size of Texas. It's probably what made her participation in the game so effortless -- she felt no shame in taking what she needed from such mindless neanderthals on a regular basis. At the end of the day, she got what she wanted and was, for the most part, satisfied in that acquisition (though on some occasions, she'd have been better off taking care of matters herself). There had been a couple of rather messy situations, namely a little debaucle with one Kasey Morgan involving some anal retentive parentals, a few heavy charges and some even heavier PDAs. Ultimately, though, it just ended up being another story she could tell herself when she was having doubts that the male species weren't actually worthless altogether. While she's pretty sure she'll always have him as a back-up screw in case things turned bad and she only had a ludicrous amount of guys to choose from, she had set her sights on a few potentialities. Nicholas Tam was just one of those unavoidables -- hot and fully aware of it, and a little friction between the sheets or some action on a random flat surface wouldn't be discounted as something in the foreseeable future. If she could call herself forming anything of a bond with anyone, and if you could even call it that, she'd have to go with Christopher Graham; they seemed to share the same aversion for all things touchy-feely when it came to sex...seriously, it was hard enough to even expect a guy to have the ability to get you off, why bother adding superfluous nuances like "feelings" and "emotions" to the already confusing mix? Dear God, what a snorefest. She'd take a big no-thank-you helping from that potential migraine from hell, thank you very much. The wherewithall of such innocents (and they were only innocent in comparison -- she didn't really know anything about them and would probably keep it that way) as Chase Halvorson didn't go ignored either. It wasn't in the bag as most mutual attractions go, but she was pretty confident it wouldn't take much.


Others - The Crushes

[Micah Dunlevy]: Mentioning the subject of girls or relationships would probably earn you a good evasive non-conversation from Micah, especially were the subject to be breached around his foster mother, unlikely though it may have been. It just wasn't his favorite topic...or his second favorite...or really his anything favorite. There was just no reason to talk about it; talking didn't get things done anyway. Being a heterosexual male, he wasn't novice to the concept of attraction; this was proved in his perspective on Isobel Wescott -- cute and sweet in that introverted way which he couldn't deny was something that demanded at least a little bit of attention. He wouldn't have minded if they maybe had something of a friendship that led to more. But, as aforemented, it wasn't something he dwelled on. Chloe Kostas was pretty easy on the eyes too, if we're strictly talking surface, which we are since he doesn't really know her or much about her. That wasn't to say he wouldn't make the leap if he had to; he was just too busy with other matters, like taking care of his car and fulfilling his duties in the Anime Club. If for no other reason than to ease the chiding from his foster mom when he actually called her, he'd find a girl eventually.

[Aubrey St. John]: It would've been easy to blame Aubrey's lack of a sex life on her hectic school schedule or an endless list of extra curriculars, but truth be told, she wasn't really all that keen on what she'd come to know as The Game (not the rapper). If she was supposed to have sex with a guy, she'd have had it by now -- no need in going around sampling from everything with genitalia and a moderate source of experience. She'd had boyfriends, it just hadn't ever gotten that involved; so she couldn't be classified as one of those girls who wrote off sex and relationships because they'd never sampled either. However, strictly speaking from her powers of observation, she wouldn't have minded a little one-on-one interaction with guys like Tristan Cochran and Holden Harrell. She didn't really understand a lot of the cultural courting differences between Americans and Brits, but she was learning. And since acceptable English guys were about one in a bagillion, and if she had to take her chances, she'd take them with those two in mind. She also couldn't deny the appeal of Jameson Montague, if for nothing else, than the sheer fact that he just did whatever the hell he wanted to whoever the hell he wanted. Wasn't a crush...more of a fascination with the outcome of all his conquests. Kind of like an addiction to a really bad soap. In reality, Aubrey never discounted a guy she was attracted to unless he opened his mouth and ruined things for himself. Then there wasn't really anything she could do for him.

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20 June 2006 @ 11:26 am

Taken By:
The Fifth Element
Name: Aubrey St. John
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Theme Song:
Into The Fire - Thirteen Senses
History: Born to a French mother and a British father (Lord only knows how that worked out), Aubrey grew up sensibly. Not a lot of frills, just the basics -- food, shelter, and dysfunction. Between her parents frequent bouts with conflict and separation, she was fortunate enough to be instated with a bilingual background and the trademark British wit, though how she ended up with a predominant British accent would be attributed to the time she spent with her father in London. Six years. She talked to her mother on the phone on occasion, but she was pretty much a one-parent child for the latter part of her young life. She made friends easy enough, saw some sites, got hit up to do some British TV spots, and became quite familiar with her English roots. But it wasn't until the adults of the family realized they'd been acting like anything but that she finally regained some semblance of a "normal life" -- the parents got over their qualms and quarrels, and Aubrey was able to live comfortably with the both of them in the US. A couple years later, they moved to Boston in favor of her father's medical profession. As far as schooling, Weston was the obvious choice, and it's exactly where she plans to finish out her adolescent education. College, career, marriage and babies can wait a bit.
Personality: You'd think that one might become discouraged with growing up thin, lanky and pale. But Aubrey was always too cynical to care about shallow things like that. She embraced her awkwardness, even embellished it a little from time to time. The real awkwardness came overnight when she and about 75% of the male population around her discovered she'd filled out. Not fleshy by any means, but she had certainly developed in areas that were otherwise lacking. Even still, none of it went to her head. Relying on looks is a crutch of the weak. You can find that and other such wise sayings at Aubrey's website, DailyProverbs.com. She enjoys all the natural things of life -- music, art, reading, maybe a little theater here and there to keep up her guilty flare for the dramatic. Really though, in all her sarcastic glory, she does retain an ounce or two of optimism. If things are meant to work out, they will. If they aren't, they won't. There was probably a more specific word to describe that, but she'd never bothered to look it up. Her angelic countenance is deceitful -- young and inexperienced she may be, if there's one thing she prides herself on being, it's being keen to her surroundings, to what's going on around her. There's not enough hours in the day to waste time on being naive.
Extra Curriculars: Art Group, French Club, Theater Company
Editorial: Is Aubrey privy to the goings-on of the local less-than-saintly youth? Why wouldn't she be, she doesn't live under a rock. She's not likely to fall prey to any member of the offending party, but she does keep her eyes and ears open at all times. Who's to say what she would and wouldn't do with the right person at the right time with the right music and the right lighting. They make movies and crappy teen TV dramas about it all the time.
Crush TBD
Rachel Hurd-Wood


Taken By: The Fifth Element
Name: Nolan McAllister
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Theme Song:
I Wish I Cared - A-Ha
History: From the looks of him, you'd think you had Nolan McAllister pretty much figured out. Chances are, you'd probably be right, but only about the surface things. What happens to be going on underneath is a whole different story. Happily-married parents? Nope. Raised by a single mother who had worked up to five jobs at one time by Nolan's 6th birthday; he has yet to meet his biological father. Life on a silver platter? Don't think the former bears any sort of repetition. Got everything he wanted? Well...that part is kind of true. But a lot of it was just due to his mother making sure he got the best of everything. If they were ever struggling, he never knew it; she always put him first, and he never wanted for the important things, which is what ultimately matters anyway. Somewhere along the line, though, Nolan got to his fork-in-the-road and decided that he'd just start living his life the way he wanted, rather than the way he should. Sooner rather than later, he caught on to his ability to charm the pants off anything that had two X chromosomes and a vagina...and if that seems slightly disturbing, you're probably just thinking about it in a Peter-Griffin kind of way. Turn that switch off for a second. The point is, by the time Nolan left middle school, he had more game than he knew what to do with. Believe me, he put it to good use in high school. MommaNolan wasn't in love with the idea, but there wasn't a whole lot she could do about it. He moved out at 16, though let the records show it was on good terms, and found out Boston had everything he thought he wanted. Whether he'd be satisfied with it remained to be seen.
Personality: How would one describe sex walking around on legs? Oh right, sex on legs. Right, got it. Nolan had heard enough about his "hotness" -- it didn't bear repeating. Just like you don't need to tell someone over and over again that they have a stain on their shirt once you've already told them; it's there, everyone can see it, move on and stop bringing it up. Bottom line: when he sees something he wants (and by something I mean anything, but if you want to take it as equalling a "girl" or "sex", be my guest), he usually does what he needs to do to acquire it, with a minimal amount of skin off his back. Schmoozing and lame pick-up lines are for novices and perverts. To put it bluntly, and to use yet another Family Guy comparison, the Quagmires of the world could learn a thing or two from Nolan McAllister.
Extra Curriculars: Swim Team, and uh...The Club for People Who Are Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking? *Strikes a blue ice*...I know I know, you get it...I'll stop.
Little Black Book: He was supposed to be keeping track? Well alright then, if numbers are your thing, he'd have to round it off to about 15. He adopted the rounding system when he found out that when you combine a certain amount of small favors, they can add up to one big one. So when you look at it like that, the number's more like 25-30. And counting. Still counting.
Target: TBD
Damien Van Zyl


Taken By: The Fifth Element
Name: Celinda Garrett
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Theme Song:
Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliott --> Explicit Lyrics
History: Unlike her male counterpart, Nolan McAllister, there is no heartfelt backstory; no gutwrenching tale of overcoming obstacles and staring adversity in the face only to triumph. From the day she was born, Celinda has gotten everything she wanted -- not because of familial self-sacrifice or her parents loving her more than themselves. No, her parents loved themselves plenty, and she just reaped the benefits from the overflow. She wasn't a typical Daddy's Girl only because she never had to ask for anything. If she wanted something, the money was there -- she could go get it herself, or at least have someone do it for her, no questions asked. The perks of having your father own half of one of the largest communication enterprises in the country. After cruising through grade school, she found herself on the doorstep of higher learning -- the beginning of the rest of her life, as she'd hear come graduation. Crock of horse manure, but it's ceremonial, so people believe it anyway. She left her parents' mansion the summer before her junior year and planted new roots in Boston; well-established and comfortably furnished roots, thanks to a little paternal contribution. Now she all she has left to do is plan her future on someone else's dime.
Personality: What's in a name? I mean really, calling someone a hateful b!tch has nothing to do with them actually being one. Even if that tends to be a classic first impression of Celinda, it's only true some of the time. Honestly, who wouldn't be a b!tch under the right circumstances and if unnecessarily provoked? Sometimes people just get what's coming to them. And before you have any psychedelic Mean Girls flashbacks, let's don't and say we didn't. She may have the look, but there's a definite line to be drawn between fiction and reality (in as much as it's real in this game, of course). Aside from her sporadic less-than-cordial tendencies, you'll find that Celinda is rather easy to get along with. Just don't be annoying.
Extra Curriculars: Dance Team, Yearbook (Editor-in-Chief)
Little Black Book: She doesn't do tallies. Sex is sex is sex. If she wanted to keep track of it all, she'd probably do it a lot less. It's about the experience. But since you're asking, it's 10. Sluts and whores are all well and good, but tasteful sexuality is the name of Celinda's game. And she's gotten to be quite good at it.
Target: TBD
Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Taken By: The Fifth Element
Name: Micah Dunlevy
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Theme Song:
Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie
History: Not a lot is known about our friend, Micah Dunlevy. He was orphaned as an infant thanks to some kindly drunk driver who decided it would be a good idea to take the Chevy for a spin and then pass out at the wheel -- it's pretty tragic, but he doesn't remember his parents, so there's no real choking-up effect at all. Ever since then, he'd been in a couple of foster homes; nice families, good solid up-bringing, he had minimal complaints. However, by the ripe old age of 16 1/2, he'd decided he'd had enough of the formalities. He didn't have parents; the rest of his real family either didn't know he existed or knew and didn't care. He'd be fine on his own. And he was. He took a whole summer just to drive across the country in his custom-restored '65 Ford Mustang Convertible in candy-apple red with a black 5-ply, powered vinyl-bonded top, V-8 engine, 5-speed manual transmission and a 7-main-bearing crankshaft...oh yeah, he liked cars. Loved cars. Eventually, all roads led to Boston, and he found himself back in the saddle at Weston High. He made sure to call the foster parents once he was settled in.
Personality: If you're looking for someone to put a "Hey I'm the Geeky Emo Guy" label on, Micah would probably be your guy. But as soon as you stuck him with that label, he'd most likely rip it off, hock up a good loogey, then use the aforementioned label for tissue paper and then donate it to the nearest waste receptacle. Yeah, he liked Emo; sure, he could be considered somewhat "geeky" if you really broke it down. Doesn't matter. He is who he is. He doesn't give any explanations, so no one should expect any. With Micah, what you see is what you get. As far as interests go, he likes shooting short films, messing with his iPod, mooning over his emaculate vinyl collection, and watching FF VII: Advent Children every other weekend.
Extra Curriculars: Video Club, Film Club, Car Club, Anime Club (Final Fantasy Division ;))
Editorial: Once he got acclimated with all that Weston had to offer, it wasn't to hard to figure out that friction between the sheets (or even on top of some random flat surface, if that's your bag) wasn't a foreign concept to the young people. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. He'd find a way to get over not having a string of attractive women hard after his goods once he was done playing Dirge of Cerberus.
Crush: TBD
Sufjan Stevens
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22 March 2006 @ 12:51 pm
Okay, so I don't post much. Whatever.

Anyway, I've been at my new job for about a month or so, little over. It's going pretty well -- the people are nice, pay is good, days seem shorter than they are. And it's less the drama I had at my last job. Oh wow...DRAMA. That place was a fucking madhouse. If it wasn't someone in the office driving me up the wall, it was all their psycho ass customers calling all fucking day long. Give me a break. You've got to have something better to do with your time than call someone else's office all day.

There's something else that this job lacks: eye candy. I thought I was home-free at my last job, because I wasn't initially attracted to any of the guys there. But that soon changed...don't really want to get into it that much. Let's just say I learned my lesson -- appearances are deceiving. But at this job, I'm barely around anyone, because the office is so huge, and all the people that I am around are mostly female. There are the interns that come in Monday-Thursday, but they're a lost cause. Sweet, but lost causes just the same. I don't count the one hot guy I've seen frequenting the office because he's almost never here...but he is hot. Boy, is he hot. He was in yesterday, and I finally got to introduce myself; it went very well, he was sweet and seemed interested, but I was really warm after he left. I think that's a good thing.

The girls I work with are nice...fucking idiots, though. Ha. Kidding. ;)

Other than that, I'm just plugging along, living life. Nothing new or exciting to report.

I'll be going to KY for New Attitude this May on Memorial Day weekend. SO excited for that. It's a great conference, sponsored by my church's singles ministry. I probably shouldn't be mentioning it in the same entry with such foul language, but I'm trying to get help for that cursing like a sailor problem I have. Anywho, the conference has been on hiatus for about a year I think, maybe two, but it's back now. So, excitement all around, it'll be a lot of fun.

Bollocks. I've gotta do my hair tonight.
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27 January 2006 @ 05:55 am
Well, I just got in from a REALLY kickass concert. Here's how the evening went:

- I caught the Metro down to the 9:30 Club (took about an hour).
- I waited in line outside in the fucking ass COLD for almost an hour...but well worth it, 'cause I got my balcony standing spot. :D
- I made a friend! (That wasn't supposed to sound so desperate. Considering I attended the concert alone, I wasn't expecting anything.) She came and stood next to me and we hit it off and just had a blast the whole time I was there.

Now for the performances...


I'm not even sure if that's their name or not, but I can't be bothered. In comparison to who they're on tour with, they're a joke.


There are no words to describe what it was like seeing them...but since the point of this entry is using words, I'll just fudge it.


Whatever I expected them to be like live...they exceeded those expectations. As a group, there's just so much to them and yet they're so simple and awesome. I want to marry all of them. Especially the drummer.

Song Line-Up

Of the songs I know, here's what they played: Someone Else's Arms, Painless, The Ocean, Ready and Waiting to Fall, Suspension, The Everglow, and Anything.

The best part (besides them opening with "Someone Else's Arms") was that they made it seem like they were ending with "The Everglow", and then as soon as they said thank you and good night, they went right into "Anything". Best way to end. Ever.


Well I kinda missed them starting 'cause I was too busy trying to meet Mae, but I heard them open with "Lights and Sounds" and then move into "Way Away". They're just...ten kinds of cool. Great band chemistry. It's so cute how well they all get along (or at least appear to) on-stage.

The drummer is INSANE. In the best sense. But he's not really consistently expressive. One minute he's swinging his dreds, next he's stoney-faced. It all fades when you hear him play, though. That alone would warrant many pairs of underwear spontaneously combusting all over the club.

They did a few more songs from "Lights and Sounds", which is shaping up to be a very worthy Sophomore achievment from the YC. And there's always the favorites, including "Empty Apartments", "Life of a Salesman", "Only One" and "Believe".

I could've screamed over not being able to stay through the whole set (and in turn, not being able to hear them end with "Ocean Avenue", my absolute favorite song of theirs...*weeps bitterly*). But it was either take the free ride home with the people I LIVE WITH or fudge it out on public transportation at close to midnight. I chose the former.

All in all, it was a great night. I had a crapload of fun, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Oh, and Mae? Rocks the casbah.
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17 January 2006 @ 12:28 pm
Found some other cool quizzes on DH.net, figured I'd post:

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14 January 2006 @ 12:26 am
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